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Waiting For A Perfect Moment

The funny thing is, I had this blog built and ready to go for some years now, maybe 4 years or so. Wow, how fast time goes by.

I had it ready but it was not public yet. Somewhere in my romantic mind there was a perfect time to make it public. Part of me wanted to have content to post before starting so that I would be able to maintain a momentum and consistency. But the reality of consistency is that it is a muscle that much like our glutes, needs to be exercised.

Side note: Although parts of me wish I had started before I do not regret not having done so. I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason and at the right time. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mindset at the time or wasn’t in a place that would support my consistency. This to me just means that now that I have started I won’t waste time with grief and self-pity for what I already didn’t do. I will, instead, use the feeling of “I wish I had” to fuel tomorrow’s actions.

The Truth is that being creative will generate more creativity. The same way that waiting in a “dormant” state will create more of that. Once those habits are strong it becomes harder to break away from them and create new ones.

Your brain will want more of what it’s used to getting.

Perhaps what kept me from doing it was a fear of judgement or fear of not being good or not being relevant to others. But the same way you wouldn’t walk into a gym for the first time ever and try to bench press 200lbs, it is unrealistic to expect perfection right from the start.

Learning is a process just like training. You have to do it, and you have to suck at it sometimes.

But understand that going to the gym and lifting 5lbs is just as important of a step towards 200lbs as the 200lbs itself. You will never get to the 200’s if you don’t start with 5, and 10, and 15, and so on.

(I am using the gym as an example because it makes for a perfect analogy of growth over time)

Now, everyone will start at a different point so the person who’s at the gym everyday lifting 5lbs should be as proud of his efforts as those lifting 100lbs.

It’s about showing up, not showing off. It’s a process. And the process is King/Queen.

The end goal is nothing but the driving force; the gas. The process is the most important because it is in that process that we will find joy and purpose.

If you’re chasing the end goal so desperately you will become easily frustrated and lack the patience necessary to follow through with the process. The answer is in the process because the end goal will only provide you with yet another question: “so what’s next?”

Fall in love with the process and I promise you will have a much less stressful time and your results will dramatically improve.

But be patient.

Thank you for reading. I hope you got some value from it. I welcome any feedback.

If you think this post could be relevant to someone else feel free to share it.

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